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100% Free Digital Billboard Advertising

20 3 100 Free Digital Billboard Advertising

As Jacinda Ardern is saying, “We are in unprecedented times”, a “100 year event”, with the COVID-19 outbreak. Read more about '100% Free Digital Billboard Advertising'...

A Massive 50% Discount on LED Displays

Digital Signs 50 discount off LED displays Limited Time

Digital Signs is a wholesale supplier of a wide range of indoor, outdoor, portable and industrial (Health & Safety) LED displays of all shapes and sizes.

Read more about 'A Massive 50% Discount on LED Displays'...

Digital Signs goes exclusive Wholesale

Digital Signs Exclusive Supplier Partners Programme

Digital Signs are an exclusive import supplier of premium LED displays. Premium means gold wire LED (not copper) in aluminium (not steel) cabinets. Read more about 'Digital Signs goes exclusive Wholesale'...

How to get a Resource Consent in under 30 days!

Digital Advertising Hoyts Link Drive billboard

Digital Signs are a full service company in the space of digital advertising offering consultancy and advice, Resource Consent applications, supply and install of quality LED screens, after market service... Read more about 'How to get a Resource Consent in under 30 days!'...

Child Cancer Champion’s Lunch

Child Cancer Champions Lunch Auckland

We are very proud to partner with Ricoh Financial Services for those wanting to take advantage of shifting their IT off their Balance Sheet and into their OPEX (Operating Expenditure). Read more about 'Child Cancer Champion’s Lunch'...

Exciting new double-sided 12m digital billboard going up in central Greenlane

Digital Advertising Wash Depot Central Greenlane large 2 12m x 3m digital billboard

Our sister company Digital Advertising is very pleased to announce signing Wash Depot, 127 Green Lane East, Greenlane, Auckland to join our National roll out of premium digital billboards. Read more about 'Exciting new double-sided 12m digital billboard going up in central Greenlane'...

NZSDA 2019 Conference and Awards

New NZSDA President letting it all hang out

Read more about 'NZSDA 2019 Conference and Awards'...

Not all LED signs are made equally

LED copper wire gold wire

Have you heard of the old adage “you only get what you pay for”. Read more about 'Not all LED signs are made equally'...

DS - Elite sponsor of the NZSDA (New Zealand Sign & Display Association)

NZSDA logo3

When I did my Law Degree I also took some arts papers to give it some perspective. Read more about 'DS - Elite sponsor of the NZSDA (New Zealand Sign & Display Association)'...

Sincerest condolences for Christchurch shooting

Prime Minister Adhern reporting on Christchurch shooting 15 March 2019

Read more about 'Sincerest condolences for Christchurch shooting'...

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