Want to make money from your signs?

"Digital Advertising" is an expert in sourcing advertisers, managing content and paying you! 

Once you own a quality digital sign you can make money from selling all or some of the space.

Our sister company Digital Advertising are expert at all aspects of sign management from:

  • Sourcing advertisers

  • Creating the advertising content

  • Scheduling when the ads play

  • Stopping conflicts between competing businesses

  • Allow you full access at the same time

  • Invoicing and collecting the money

  • Paying you!

DIGITAL ADVERTISING is a full service Media Company with vibrant HD indoor/outdoor SIGNAGE SYSTEMS


From 32" and 55" indoor screens at your cash register, to large video walls (with music) indoors, right through to billboards scattered all through the community, we can get your advertising message out and BRING YOU MORE CUSTOMERS.


Advertise above your local dairy from 10c/ad.


Advertise in your local community from 50c/Ad.


Advertise RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN for only $1.00!


CONTACT US now to see how we can help you.