Video & Concepts of Electronic Billboards In Action

Want to discover the benefits of using digital signage systems? Got questions on where or how you can implement our products?  Below you’ll find both concept film and live videos of digital signage in action, to give you the inspiration and technology for your next successful ad campaign!

Electronic billboards come in many different varieties, each with different benefits to suit your needs. Do you want a sign that’s flexible enough to wrap around a pole? Or a portable sign to advertise an event? Digital Signs has put together these examples to show the range of products we are able to supply. Stop wondering about the possibilities and see them for yourself here!


Portable Digital Signs

Want your message out on the street? A portable digital sign could be what you’re looking for. These signs can be quickly set up, and make sure your message is seen. See more below.


LARGE Outdoor LED Signs

OK - your new HD gold wire, full IP65 waterproof digital billboard from Digital Signs may not literally go up in 60 seconds, but you can be assured it will go up fault free!

Indoor Retail Signage

This is not a poster of a cute kitten! Click "Play" and you'll see it's actually a fully interactive LED video wall. Entertain waiting customers, up-sell them to new products, or just make them happier!

CALL NOW on how we can provide this amazing interactive customer experience for you!


Indoor Retail

 Would you rather have a shelf of books gathering dust, or an interactive experience that really draws a client in - to the point they're saying yes before they even realise it?

Show off the features of your new car or boat range, show how easy DIY is, give them an insight to how lovely your latest line of fashion is. Do it all with a HD video wall from Digital Signs.

Retail Signage in Action

See the power of digital signage systems in action in this clip, and imagine the exposure your brand could be getting!

This is a real life video of a typical New Zealand mall. There are NO actors involved in this. Just taking an extremely small snap-shot of one Saturday morning shows you just how effective indoor LED retail marketing is! 

HINT: see if you can spot the customer interaction before we show it to you

NOTE: full motion video (with sychronised audio) is permitted as of right in indoor locations so let your imagine run wild on how you can combine these two together effectively.

Indoor LED screens come in resolutions from under 1mm between the LEDs (like your TV at home), through to the more common 2mm, 3mm and 4mm.

 The closer the resolution the higher the cost (as more LED), so what resolution screen should you get?

 The answer depends on where your target viewing audience is going to be.

 Watch this video to help you decide what pitch (resolution) is best for you.

Special Effects

 Want to be remembered?

Want to stand out?

Want to be noticed?

Then we can help! Brand our 'Can' special effects range to your premium product, pop it onto one of our low profile trailers, slap on a "go forever" LPG auto-start generator exclusive to Digital Signs, and start getting noticed.

CALL US now on how we can help with your special marketing campaign or product launch.

Even more special effects!

 If a can is not your thing, perhaps a bottle is?

We can brand our 'Bottle' special effects range to any soda pop (fizzy) or alcohol range to suit your needs. Pop it on a trailer or bolt it to the front of your building (all of our Special Effects range are IP65 waterpoof).

Don't forget to play some funky music with it!

Trailer Mounted LED Signs

 "VMS" stand for "Variable Message Signs" and are well known and used in the Traffic Management and Health & Safety sectors.

CALL US now and don't just put boring 'words' that no-one really ready reads, put on some distinctive HD graphics and really get noticed!

NZTA have started using very graphic television ads to reduce the road toll. While you can't use video out on the road where it might distract motorists, you can still put on very compelling images to get your message across.

A Special Message for Every Occasion

 Even the Royal Couple know how effective digital billboards are at getting the message out there!

Immersive Indoor Retail

You can't even pump petrol at this gas station (BP Wild Bean Cafe) without seeing the vibrant video wall inside.

Once you walk inside you are instantly drawn to the 'whole wall' video experience showing you in ultra close detail just what you're missing out on.

This site sold 60,000 Krispy Kreme donuts in their very first week - and we did not even manage to get one ☹

Find out how to sell 60,000 of your product in your first week and CALL US now.

Is Having a Large Billboard Enough?

How about making it physically move in time to the video as well?

That's exactly what Coca-Cola has done with their new (2017) 3D Digital Billboard located in Times Square, New York.

Fancy I know - but I do wonder if we could duplicate this effect just using graphics and save all those moving parts?

We have a relationship with the manufacturer of this screen so if you want one here GIVE US A CALL

Wide Viewing Angle Catches Customers as they Approach

Although it is difficult to pick up on the camera (with digital cameras being sensitive to light reflection that the human eye is not) all of our LED video wall are "wide viewing angle" which means it grabs the attention of your passing customer even though they may be virtually in line with it!

Do all you can to get your message out there! Use clever video (we can help with our in-house video production team) and draw that customer in!


If you buy a large LED screen will it be reliable?

We wish to apologise from the outset at showing these screens publicly. We wish no disrespect to the suppliers of these hardware, or the companies that advertise on them.

Where possible we have ensured our camera angle does not identify the business.

The very simple truth is not all billboards are created equal. The old adage 'you get what you pay for' sometimes is actually true. It is for some of the reasons contained in this video that we only supply gold wire product as in the past we simply could not get copper based product to operate reliably. 

Where is the sense in spending 10s of thousands of dollars if for only a little more (if even) you could get the same product, but one that is reliable for the long term?

Please ask us about our 5 year onsite parts and labour warranty options.


Semi-Transparent LED interior/exterior Window Displays

Keep that vital daylight coming in, but display your message loud and proud on the outside, with a semi-transparent LED window display from Digital Signs.

We are still able to achieve the high resolution 10mm pitch (industry standard on large outdoor billboards) but let the light come through as well (often a Council requirement over office windows) using very clever technology that removes the PCB (printed circuit board) from behind leaving just the LEDs.

We have indoor models as well as full IP65 waterproof outdoor that will span windows and structural beams to give that continuous image.

100% Proof They Work!

 It doesn't matter how pretty or modern they appear, if they don't work then what use are they?

 JCDecaux (purchaser of APN) undertook an exercise to reach the Marketing Directors of Major Companies they couldn't otherwise reach.

 From putting just a SINGLE billboard out, they achieved a 100% result. 

 Watch this video and see how effective DOOH (Direct Out of Home) advertising actually is.