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20 3 100 Free Digital Billboard Advertising

COVID-19 a Health and Economic risk

As Jacinda Ardern is saying, “We are in unprecedented times”, a “100 year event”, with the COVID-19 outbreak.


In recognition of the difficulties some of our brothers and sisters are going through at the moment, as a company we have searched for what we can do to help.



Digital Advertising

While television, radio and newspaper can be an effective medium, they are also a very expensive one. The common message going out to all business is “conserve your cash”.


While this might be a good idea, cash flow is also a critical part of an economy.


Digital billboard advertising is a highly effective way of reaching people you otherwise wouldn’t as they walk and drive around, and with www.DBA.Kiwi only charging $1/ad it has never been more affordable.



Advertising and Communicating

Digital billboards do not just have to be for “sell, sell, sell”.


We are putting up messages of “Stay Calm”, “Shop Normal” and “Keep Spending” (along with some pictures of cute animals) to help people stay grounded and sane.



Do you want it for free?

As part of our ‘Pay it Forward” we have decided to give away 100% of the advertising space on BOTH sides of our double-sided 6m(w) x 3.2m(h) digital billboard outside Hoyts, 15 Link Drive, Wairau, Auckland completely for free for the entire month of April when it goes up.


If you are a North Shore business (or know of someone that is), that would benefit from this space (limit 1 per customer per hour) then make sure you get in contact with us straight away (Stuart@DBA.Kiwi or 0275 805 684).


If you provide us the artwork (Rate Card specs here: Rate Card) then it is completely free (as we do not charge for scheduling). Otherwise our Team are happy to make up a special ad just for you from $30.00.




The health scare from this virus is meaningful (especially to the elderly) but the economic risk is worse. If we do not shop (as much as we can), businesses do not have income, so cannot pay their suppliers, leading to job losses.


Take advantage of our free offer and let people know you are still open for business. Communicate you are safe and clean to trade with. Perhaps offer a small incentive to get people in.


At Digital Signs and Digital Advertising we are here to do all we can to help. We need your business and we want to do all we can to help you through this tough time.


Kia Kaha New Zealand!