727 views of ONE billboard post!

Digital Billboards Work 1

What is the purpose of marketing?

Ha – sorry – to get my business known?


To get more profit from increased sales than I spent on advertising to get that business?


What are the '10 touch points'?

Can you walk up to a pretty girl (sorry) and ask her to marry you on the first date?


Sorry but no. We all need ‘warming up’, ‘getting to know’ and a ‘courtship’.


This does not just apply to marriage but everything in life. We need to trust the brand, feel the time is right, know there isn’t a better deal and just generally be in the right place to push the big green button and ‘do it’.


Marketing is the same. You can’t just put up one ad and watch the phone ring. You need to support this with everything you do from sign writing your car (and keeping it clean) and the occasional SM (social media) post etc.


It is this volume of ‘talk’ that then creates the velocity to convert.


Does TV or Radio advertising work?

Of course it does.


Why? Because you spend $5,000.00, get lots of impressions, and really get in front of your audience in a visual or auditory way, and that is your opportunity to tell them your USP (unique selling proposition).


Does digital billboard advertising work?

Of course!


But does it work alone? Maybe – spend $5,000.00 for the week and your phone will ring off the hook – but is doing it that way the only way?


Why not spend only $1.00 (ONE DOLLAR) and get the phone ringing (slowly at first) and build from there?


How do I get my $1 marketing budget to work?

Most of you know by now as well as offering our fancy $125,000 “Bulk Buy” (exclusivity) package we sell all of our digital billboard space at only $1/ad. That is amazing value but how can you multiply that even further?


I can tell you the answer – Beaufort & Co appeared once on our billboard and received a massive 727 (SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN) views, 7 “likes” and 2 comments!

 Digital Billboards Work 2

Wedding Cover (insurance for when it rains on your wedding) did the same and got a massive 66 likes and 7 comments also from just one impression!


When you advertise on any of our digital billboards we provide you a high resolution photograph of your ad showing on our billboard free of charge and every time!


All you have to do is post it on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta and the like.


It is your job to ‘show off’ (that’s called ‘marketing’). You should be bragging on how you are so successful that you can be up on a huge billboard in town. If you have 23 seconds spare you could also banter on about how fantastic your company is, the special offer you have, how friendly your staff are and basically how good your client will feel if they come and give you some of their money!


For marketing to be effective you should not just be using the one piece of collateral (image or article) in one place, everything you do should be posted in every place you can get your hands on!



Join the winning Team that helps SMEs triple the effectiveness of their marketing budget and spend $1.00 of your $1,000 monthly marketing budget with DBA and then re-post it everywhere you can, then stand back and watch the phone ring!