Are you about to get arrested?

Getting Arrested

Need to get arrested to get a good thing?


Sorry for startling you – didn’t mean it literally! We all know health and safety in the workplace is a really big deal. We are no longer allowed to hold things up with a piece of string and keep our fingers crossed that it won’t fall onto someone’s head.


When we’re in business we’re supposed to walk along with our ‘eyes open’ and plan what we do going forward.



It’s the same with Digital Billboards. Each Council throughout New Zealand (and NZTA for the highways) have their own set of rules on what you are and aren’t allowed to do, but in general terms I’d say the rules are:

  1. If you already have a billboard/sandwich board then you can convert to digital easily.

  2. If you don’t have a billboard, but want one, then you generally can, providing you do not block visibility or distract traffic.


If you already have an existing billboard, then you will be able to convert to digital by making a simple resource consent application. As the existing sign has already been approved for location and visibility, all you need to do is show your digital LED screen will comply with the bylaws.


Compliance means the sign must auto-dim for brightness at night and when it is overcast. Usually the maximum brightness during the day is 5,500 nits. During the evening it is 250nits. To the naked eye this just means the sign is easy to read on both occasions and does not blind you.



You’d be surprised to know Digital Signs (us) supplies free light sensors with all our screens for this very purpose!


If you don’t have an existing billboard, then along with providing our tech specs you will need to provide photographs and measurements that show your intended sign will not impede on traffic visibility (coming out of driveways and side streets etc).


If you get stuck or ARE unsure please feel free to give us a ring. We’ve done so many applications I’m sure we can help you.