Child Cancer Champion’s Lunch

Child Cancer Champions Lunch Auckland

Champions coming together for the very good cause of supporting the Child Cancer Foundation

We are very proud to partner with Ricoh Financial Services for those wanting to take advantage of shifting their IT off their Balance Sheet and into their OPEX (Operating Expenditure). This is an extremely good idea and is highly encouraged. Whether you’re paying $10,000 or $100,000 for your large LED display, the truth is it is acting as a strong marketing tool every week it is turned on.

If you are going to pay $100 or $1,000 a week on prominent advertising then it might as well be spent on the targeted marketing that comes from having your very own digital billboard right on the side of your own building.

Ricoh in turn are corporate sponsors of everything the team do at The Child Cancer Foundation. The Foundation is a group of volunteers coming together for the very worth cause of assisting the children and families faced with this modern affliction. There is nothing more stressful than seeing one of our youngest trying to cope with something like this.

On Friday the annual Champions Lunch was held at the Aotea Centre and we were fortunate enough to be invited by Ricoh to sit at their corporate table. It was an absolutely outstanding event with Live Chat and video insight into both our world of sports, but also the great work the Child Cancer Foundation does.

Stonewood Homes were a major sponsor of the event and it was good to catch up with John Chow,  Steven Zhu and Hussein Tawfik again.

I see Wellington raised $235,000 at their lunch on 28 June 2019. I did not get to see our final results in Auckland but hopefully it was double that!

Ian Klinac was the event compere and did an amazing job. Being such an experienced auctioneer he really played with the crowd, getting a few nervous accidental bidders taking part at bids worth thousands of dollars before letting them off the hook. Though managing to get a bid of $6,000.00 for a $3.70 meat pie that actually stuck was probably the most impressive! (I didn’t notice you were ex-Police too Ian?!)

Digital Signs and our sister company Digital Advertising were very proud to have attended and supported the Child Cancer Foundation Champion’s Lunch and look forward to supporting more in the future.

Child Cancer Champions Lunch Sponsors and Celebrities