Digital Signs goes exclusive Wholesale

Digital Signs Exclusive Supplier Partners Programme

We know what we’re doing

Digital Signs are an exclusive import supplier of premium LED displays. Premium means gold wire LED (not copper) in aluminium (not steel) cabinets. We have been around many years and we are the most experienced in the industry in terms of what we know, the services we offer, and the boundaries we have successfully pushed out.


We have developed our own auto-start LPG generator (off until needed, then a small computer starts it to charge a battery bank, then it’s back turned off and silent again). We own our own multi-site software you can even control from your mobile phone. We are the only sign company to also provide full legal and resource consent services right through to attending hearings after the Public Notification process. See how we got one consent within 28 days here: Hoyts, Wairau Park


You have to market it for people to know it’s available

In the beginning people did not really know what LED displays were (as the full colour high definition displays were such a new thing). If you spoke about a LED sign all we could think about was petrol station fuel prices, or parking buildings showing how many spaces were available.


Due to this Digital Signs did a whole lot of marketing to show how LED displays could now go over shop windows and still let the light in (semi-transparent), the trailer and trolley mounted portable range,  not even counting the special effects products (like the beer bottle and fizzy can).


As awareness increased and sign writers/architects/specifiers became more aware of the options, we found we were spending more time helping them in the sale, and in turn the customer got much better local service.


It’s good to be part of a larger family

In order to give the end-client the best possible outcome, and to reward resellers for embracing this fantastic new technology, Digital Signs have made the decision to move to being an industry Wholesale Only supplier effective immediately.


Since we’ve announced that decision we’ve just gone from strength to strength. Even though we never did before, sign writers are now SUPER clear that we are not competing for the same business as them, and are therefore able to embrace our technology with both hands.


Because we are still doing our own marketing, inquiries are still coming through, but there is nothing more satisfying than giving one of our fantastic Partners a call and asking if they’d like some free business! I was lucky enough to call a Tauranga company just the other day and you could have knocked the guy over with a feather when he heard he was getting a $35k job and that he did not have to do a single thing to quote and progress the sale!


It feels great to be part of a wider family of professionals all working for the best outcome for the end-client. This is precisely why we are an Elite Sponsor of the NZSDA (New Zealand Sign Display Association).


If you are an end-user and make an inquiry with us, please do not feel upset when we then refer you to one of our Partners to complete your sale and installation. You’re actually getting 2 for the price of 1 – more people to look after you throughout the process.


To be listed on our Partners Page and start receiving referrals in your area please give one of our Team a Call Now.