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Why have an Association

When I did my Law Degree I also took some arts papers to give it some perspective. One was a Business Philosophy paper (another whole blog subject on its own), but the one I want to talk about here is actually the Economics 101 paper.


I'm sure you've all heard of the "Free rider problem" - where 99% of people in a town all pay their local rates, that in turn provide the roads and street lighting, but that there is 1% that don't? The 1% that don't contribute to the provision of roads and light actually get to use these things for free, and are therefore a 'free rider' on the backs of the other contributors.


Associations are critical to address issues that no one individual business operating in an industry can. A Christchurch business (for example) could not justify setting up (say) a national apprenticeship program, where Auckland businesses would get the benefit, without contributing etc.


Why we sponsor NZSDA to such a high level

NZSDA is the Association for the sign writing and display industry. It has been operating 50 years. The Association is responsible for the creation of a Code of Practise (to uphold high standards of craftmanship and business ethics), and in the more recent years the NZQA approved standards for a National Certificate in Sign Making, including computer graphics, hand lettering and electric sign making.


Importantly, the Association is the central voice for the majority of the industry to central and local government on legislation and planning issues.


What the future holds

 The current Association President is Mr Paul Walters (http://www.identitysigns.co.nz/) who is a very talented individual, but the most relevant bit for this blog is his interest in going back to the very heart of sign design and picking up a brush!


It is interesting that Paul is interested in this and there is a lot to be said for it. Apart from technique and form, since the design is pencilled on first (and not just edited later with the click of a mouse whenever you want) Paul's approach will certainly teach the student to think and plan before rushing into it!


Technology and the industry has progressed quite a long way since signs were created with brush strokes. Now computer cut vinyl lettering is very common, and even full colour graphics are being printed off and wrapped around cars and nearly everything else.


The next phase the industry is heading into is the use of televisions and LED displays to provide a completely 'fluid' foundation where the 'sign' is changed at the click of your fingers.


Why our product fits that future

And that brings us nicely around to why we sponsor the NZSDA to such a high level, and sell the product that we do. We are very proud to be an Elite Sponsor (2nd tier level) to the NZDA.


Sign Display companies need to make money and stay ahead just like any company does to survive. Their customers in turn need the latest tricks to help them attract more  customers, and so that their business will survive and grow.


We operate in the business of large LED displays of all shapes and sizes that can withstand the harsh New Zealand weather elements outside, and fill up any space indoors in retail, health & safety, and office environments. We sell our product for cash, supply it on no deposit finance, and also on a fully serviced weekly lease.


We own our own software that is suitable to program the content on a single sign out on the road, all the way through to a national network of varying sizes all controlled from a central Head Office.


When you have such a fantastic product, that is able to make money for Sign Writers and their customers from such modern and effective advertising, then why wouldn’t you sponsor that industry to ‘spread the love back’ and in turn help strength and grow the community?


We are experts at what we do and we care greatly about the growth of the industry as a whole. So, if you’re interested in finding out what modern LED display solutions can do for your business give one of our Team a call right now!




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