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Thank you to all our fantastic customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and staff!


Merry Christmas from the Team @ Digital Signs!


WOW what a whirlwind year! Not sure if 'stellar' is a word still in vogue, but this year has been amazing!


On behalf of the Board I'd like to thank all our customers, staff, suppliers (of digital billboards, LPG generators and accessories) and sub-contractors (in engineering and electrical trades and town planning consent) for their support and commitment throughout 2017 - it's been amazing to have worked with you all.


As the year has gone on it has become apparent that we're not actually just selling digital billboards, we are providing the opportunity for our clients to connect with their own customers with a speed and simplicity never really seen before. You'd have to say we are definitely in the ‘communications’ game, and it just happens to be ‘billboards’ that we use to achieve it.


It’s been really great to watch clients expand on what they’re currently doing with their website, AdWords and Social Media,  to interacting with prospective clients as they drive and walk by their premises. Ha, those poor people don’t stand a chance! Digital Billboards are so effective at attraction that they might as well just put their credit card in their hands as they approach our signs, and not as they pass them :) 


Our Team have really enjoyed taking your ideas and turning them into reality. 2018 is shaping up to take us to even the next level up. We have some large jobs confirmed for overseas as well as within New Zealand. We are also looking forward to new staff joining us in January.


If you or anyone you know wants to see their business grow and succeed the same way that Digital Signs has in 2017, then don’t hesitate to make contact so that we can put together a custom proposal just for you.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)