How to recognise good quality

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DIGITAL SIGNS only supplies A Grade Digital Billboards


I purchased out of China for 8 years in my last business. It made a radical difference not only to the being able to access advanced technology not available here, but it really brought the price right down – so that we could in turn supply to our customers at the very best price.


It is a simple fact that a lot of technology is produced in Taiwan and mainland China. The actual LEDs are manufactured there etc. Yes there are some Digital Billboard manufacturers in the US and other places, but since they are sourcing from China their price can never be lower.


I feel very fortunate to be close to my good mate Greg. Over a cup of tea (Yeah Right) he had told me the war stories of the early days of importing from China from companies that swore black and blue they were the manufacturer, and that they had good quality. Those signs turned up and usually worked, but not for long! When he went to talk with them to get to the bottom of it he found out they were in fact a Trading Company (reseller) and not the manufacturer at all.


After many ‘false starts’ he was very fortunate (or persistent enough) to find a solid and real supplier. Many years on we are pleased to announce we can safely sell you product that we know is going to operate fault free and not cause you to pull your hair out.


When LED Screens are manufactured they are typically known as “A Grade” and “B Grade”. Virtually all companies tell you right up front you can buy either and they are priced accordingly. "A Grade" consists of gold wire technology and "B Grade" uses copper. While there is nothing wrong with copper, due to the corrosion risks and degradation over time you simply cannot rely on them to the same extent as gold wire.


New Zealand has lower average weather temperatures and higher moisture than Australia so we only use gold wire product in aluminium cabinets (where Greg can safely use metal cabinets for Australia).


Gold wire product is approximately double the price of copper but we believe in it so strongly it is all we will sell. We have reduced our margin to the bare minimum to give clients outstanding value for money. Feel free to buy something cheaper, but please do it from someone else – and preferably from someone who will still be around in 5 years to service it for you.