Jacinda Adern as Labour Leader

Labour Party logo

Are you LOUD and PROUD about who you are and where you are going?


We are not a political website, we are experts at Digital Billboards, but I do have to say I find it VERY interesting what is going on in politics at the moment. Our poor Labour Party is going through yet another major upheaval as Andrew Little quits and Jacinda Adern steps into the role as leader: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/95305769



Keeping well away from the merits of Labour versus National and which policies are good for New Zealand, I am still very interested to see the comparison between the extremely successful politician John Key and Jacinda. Has anyone else noticed her bubbly effervescence?


A colleague of mine scoffed and said she was being put up as the ‘sacrificial lamb’ and that she had no prospect of success – I’m not so sure. Again, nothing to do with policies, but thinking just about marketing in general and the doctrine of ‘the squeaky wheel that gets attention’ in debt collecting. Is it too far to refer to the Matrix movie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Matrix  and say the truth is what it appears to be and not what is actually is?



The effective marketing of your business is very similar – you will achieve the results of what you put in. It is up to you to create a marketing plan that shows your business in a positive light, and tells prospective customers the various reasons on why they should deal with you. It’s a very old adage that you will never succeed in selling the best kept secret.


Digital Billboards are probably one of the most direct and cost effective marketing mediums that exist today. Sure you’ve got QR codes (for those that can bother scanning them), and I’m also impressed by GPS SMS notifications for shopper loyalty as they enter shopping malls, but even these can start to become SPAM and become ‘white noise’ and fade into the background.



What I like about Digital Billboards is one day you’re walking or driving along, minding your own business, and next thing there this bright flashing message is right in front of you inviting you to participate! Some are ‘in your face’ and some are very subtle, but I still think dynamic visual images have a way of slipping into the subconscious – even on a subliminal level.


In a fast-paced busy world, where we are all being spammed flat tack left and right, cut through all the noise and use a Digital Billboard to bring those customers into your business as they pass by.