Jacinda and Winston after 9 years!

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I have previously written on my thoughts on Jacinda stepping up as Leader of the Labour Party. How my colleague scoffed at her prospects, but how I was skeptical that my colleague was right. I personally saw the similarity between Jacinda Adern and John Key – both come across as happy, dynamic and confident people. People who are only too happy to speak publicly about their vision and beliefs.


Sure it is going to be interesting watching Winston Peters work with Jacinda, and the effectiveness of the Green Party voice with the portfolios outside of cabinet. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-41675801


Again we are not a political website, but from a marketing point of view can you see what Labour has achieved? Can you see the difference from how they previously showed themselves to the NZ public compared to how they have with Jacinda out front?



You need to do the same with your business! Maybe not to the same extent, but how can you sell the world’s best kept secret? You are in business because you are good at what you do and enthusiastic. This needs to come across in your marketing.


It is my view the more you tell people how much you love what you’re doing, and the effort you go to in being the best at it, the more people will ‘feel the energy’ and be attracted to doing business with you. For those Doubting Thomas consider this: walk into a motel and on one occasion they could care less, thrust your room key at you then turn to someone else. On another occasion they want to know how you are, if there is anything you need, then they thrust the key at you?



You must be good at what you do – you wouldn’t be in business otherwise. There must be a need for your services. You need to tell the world what services you offer and what your USP (unique selling proposition) is so you can do your customer the favour of solving their need for them.


The Internet is good, but it is a little like a machine gun shooting far and wide and never really hitting its target. It can also be quite expensive (I’m told you only start to get results using Google AdWords from a monthly spend of $1,500 and up). Posters on your wall and traditional billboards are also good, but when you look down the road, how many of them are there? I’m sure you like your one, but being as objective as you can, does yours really stand out from all the others?


Digital Billboards can show multiple different messages throughout the day and really ‘jump out’ at your passing clients to get them to remember you. Don’t miss that opportunity from only $96/week to increase your sales.