Turn off the power Switch

Digital Signs Portable

Don't let a lack of power limit your imagination!



To be honest I love Digital Billboards. I also love the fact we can offer them as a portable product. What I don’t love is being tied to a power point!


What I want to do is ignore the power point and go completely off the power grid. If people can run an entire house off-grid then why can’t I run my little Digital Screen this way too?



Ha, well I can tell you why I can’t! Since our Digital Billboards are high definition and show full video and photographs they just suck too much juice ☹ We’ve all seen the LED Signs on the motorway telling us the roadworks are ahead – but they are just made up of orange dots. Sure they are clear when you are several miles away, but they can never show high definition pictures close up.



The BAD NEWS is we stuck the very largest high power solar panel onto one of our portable units but we were still losing 2 volts per day. If you are losing more than you are gaining then it is only a question of time until you run out – so solar panels won’t work.


In one respect it is quite good they weren’t the answer as they were also getting large enough to become a wind sail and I was starting to have visions of them floating away in a storm!



The GOOD NEWS is we have found an answer we are very excited with! Why not design an auto-start generator (one that only comes on when you need it and does not run constantly), but how about one that does not even require petrol (smelly, flammable stuff).


I am extremely proud to say here at Digital Signs we have developed what we believe to be a world-first, an auto-start LPG powered generator! Just fill up your gas bottle once a month and wheel your sign out to where you want it, and forget it! You can now stick your sign anywhere you want and not have to worry about where you’re going to get your power from. Looking forward to introducing these to the market !!!


For those that don’t need to go this far, don’t worry, we have a couple of other options for you. You don’t need the generator – just run your sign on batteries! Charge them overnight (along with your forklift) then wheel them out onto the footpath to do their job during the day.


For those where you can plug in, but there is a driveway in the way, we have our “snakes” – clip your extension cord in and now a vehicle can safely drive over and let you safely comply with Health and Safety in the Workplace!