What do LED Signs, Bottles of Beer and Cans of Coke have in common?

Beer Bottle 3

Did you think Digital Billboards had to be straight?!


Make your product stand out from the crowd


Here at Digital Signs we think if you’re standing still then you’re actually going backwards.


What advertising are you doing in your business? What conversion rate are you achieving on your Google Adwords spend each month?


How about talking to your customers no matter what angle they’re coming from?


Where is the front of the Coke Can?

I am aware of a supplier in China that has make a soft drink can as a 360 degree ‘wrap around’ LED screen – but I do have to tell you I’m not too excited at the USD$50,000 price tag ☹


What they couldn’t do is turn a full 360 degree HD screen into a beer bottle. The reason for this is a 2m high can might have a 1.2m diameter body, but a 3m tall beer bottle (or freshly squeezed orange juice for that matter) only has a .8m diameter body. The Chinese manufacturers just couldn’t wrap their screens that tight – so they couldn’t make a 360 degree viewing bottle.


Do you take NO as your first answer?

At Digital Signs our first reaction is “YES” to anything we are asked. Can we deliver tomorrow (YES), can you do the whole side of a building (YES) are you sure it’s fully waterproof (YES) – can we have it for free (Y****S).


I’m not sure if you’ve got it yet – but we really don’t like the word NO. Certainly not to the most important people in our lives – YOU!


We are very pleased to announce the release of our 3m x .8m full sized 360 degree viewable HD (5mm pixel) bottle able to be colour matched to your brand straight away.


If you have a unique shaped product or logo talk to us now on how you can turn that into a full 360 degree viewable screen and really grab the attention of your passing customers. Full audio integration is also available as is a live stream camera feed to all or part.